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     Celebrating the tastes of Texas for over 20 years, Love and War in Texas is part ranch house dining, part iconic music venue, and part Hill Country hangout.


       Featuring a Texas-sized menu with all tastes you’d encounter while traveling across this extraordinary state we call home. Use our menu as a culinary map across Texas.  Visit The West Texas Plains, Hill Country, East Texas Piney Woods, and the Texas Gulf Coast.  Our unique offerings include buffalo steak, wild boar, venison and quail. Explore our pork ribs, beef brisket, Tex-Mex, proper sweet tea and yes chicken fried steak.   Can’t decide on a destination pick the Crossroads of Texas. Just like Texas there’s something for everyone.  Feel like sharing, try The Governor's Feast for a more family style feel.

     Known as an iconic music destination for rising stars hoping to launch their careers.  The intimacy of our historic stage allows the listener to experience the talented singer-songwriters and musicians in an environment unlike any other.  Almost every single night of the week you’ll find guitars strumming. Texas singer-songwriters are the highlight here, and although you’ll mostly hear country music, some nights you can enjoy Texas rock or blues.

     Weekends are when you’ll catch national music acts, but weekdays feature some hidden gems, with up and coming artists taking the stage. Come here and catch quality entertainers perfecting their craft before they make it big. Cross Canadian Ragweed, Randy Rogers and Eli Young have all performed at Love and War before their rise to stardom with many returning to our stage. Miranda Lambert went from selling hats made from Shiner beer caps on our patio at 15 years old, to playing a song here and there between acts on the Love and War stage then onto winning several Grammy awards.

      Live music is part of what has made Love and War in Texas a true destination, for locals, visitors, singer-songwriters and their fans.  With our homegrown musical acts, fantastic food and frosty mugs of Shiner beer, anyone who walks in will leave a knowing what it means to be a true Texan.  
Sitting on the secluded shaded patio for hours, sipping cold beers, hanging out with friends, listening to live music, you’ll forget you’re only a block away from Central Expressway and think you’ve somehow been magically teleported to the Hill Country.

       Come join Love and War in Texas for Texas food, fun and music then you’ll know why Texas is known as the friendship state.

Our History

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