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Fri, Nov 10



Scott Sean White with Tyler McCollum & Terri Jo Box

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Scott Sean White with Tyler McCollum & Terri Jo Box
Scott Sean White with Tyler McCollum & Terri Jo Box

Time & Location

Nov 10, 2023, 8:00 PM

Plano, 601 E Plano Pkwy, Plano, TX 75074, USA




Scott  Sean White’s debut album “Call It Even” was actually born in a 14’ x  10’ travel trailer in Kerrville, Texas, in the early 70’s, long before  he ever sat down at a piano or picked up a guitar or sang a note. His  songwriting voice, his stark transparency and raw honesty, were being  shaped at the earliest age in a childhood, where as he puts it, “all the  major adult figures in my life were either alcoholics or addicts… or  both.” It was an out-of-control, always off balance upbringing full of  domestic violence and seeing things he couldn’t un-see. One of the  alcohol fueled fights between his mother and stepdad even saw a .22  rifle get emptied through the wall. That was his mother’s fourth  husband. And the husband before that - Scott’s real dad - beat her so  bad one time while she was pregnant with him - that she ended up in the  hospital. It was just the way things were, and yet somehow, he su

rvived. He will tell you that it's by the grace of God.

As  he emerged out of all that into his twenties, and began to sort through  all the baggage and scars that came with it, music had become his life  and livelihood. At first, the music part was funk, pop, R&B, and  hip-hop. He was playing keyboards in bands and engineering at  Dallas-area studios while producing tracks for other songwriters in  almost every genre. There were some originals and a lot of covers in a  pay-your-dues and pay-your-bills season of life. After all, he had a  daughter at age 21, got married at 22, and he and his wife, Brenda, had  another daughter a couple years later. But the stories Scott had boiling  up inside of him couldn’t be told in those beat driven genres.

So  by his mid-thirties, while writing a handful of country-leaning songs,  he felt a tug to go to Nashville. He had a few friends up there but more  importantly, he had something to say… and he wanted to learn how to say  it. He describes his first trip up from Texas as “extremely  intimidating AND inspiring at the same time.” The level of songwriting  on the streets of Music City was like nothing he had ever heard. Part of  him wanted to quit, but a bigger part just wanted to get to work and  learn the craft. So, with the support and urging of his wife, he started  making trips, in between his weekend band gigs, once or twice a month.  He had a publishing deal by 2007 and was immersed in the community and  the life. He had finally found a musical “home” - not necessarily in the  town - but in the genre. The lyric-driven, story-driven,  real-life-driven art of songwriting.

creasing number of shows in Texas.

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